Organized in 1857, Brown County was formed from parts of Comanche and Travis Counties. Named for Capt. Henry S. Brown, who fought in the Texas Revolution, Brown County is irregular shaped and encompasses 615,000 acres and is agriculturally oriented. Lake Brownwood provides a beautiful recreational focal point. The population is growing about 6% primarily on the outskirts.

Brownwood is the main retail center for Brown and its surrounding counties. Key industries: 3-M, Brownwood Regional Medical Center, Kohler and Superior Essex.

Brown County is also a virtual learning center with three avenues of higher learning — Howard Payne University, TSTI and Ranger Junior College.

The Brown County Office of the Texas AgriLife Extension provides effective, traditional educational programs and activities. They include livestock and forage production, 4-H club activities and health and family enrichment programs. Meeting the needs of the people is what Extension is all about. The following critical issues have been identified by the people of Brown County as having priority for Extension efforts:

– Education: Under 3/Parenting, Older Youth College/Career

– Land Use, Ag Production, Commerce Health, Quality of Life For Older Citizens

– Parent, Citizen Involvement in 4-H and the Community

Parenting Education: Extension efforts are focused with a new group, HeadStart parents, financial management for young

families, shaking baby syndrome, play activities and prepare youth for school and the importance of reading to young children are the key topics.

Land Use: Over 470,000 acres are used for rangeland and pasture, beef cattle, forage production and hunting. There are three of the largest agricultural enterprises. New landowners are interested in livestock production, forage production, brush sculpting and natural resource management.

Involvement in 4-H/Community: The youth program is focused on providing opportunities for youth to develop leadership, responsibility and social skills. There are over 450 youth actively involved in numerous 4-H activities that help develop these skills, such as livestock, food and nutrition, photography and shooting sports projects.

School Enrichment Curriculum is used to enhance public school programs and learning experiences using the Hatching In The Classroom, Character Education and Natural Resource programs.